Automotive Industry

The Automotive industry has been significantly developed for more than 100 years. Today cars are focusing more on environment friendliness.  This demand for ecological  products includes also the processes. Using of water soluble painting, to battery driven cars. There is also a demand to produce steam and hot-water with alternate fuels.

GETABEC has a large number of alternatives available from Electro Boiler, to gas-fired boiler in condensate technology. May be a decentralized steam (hot water) system is the solution. GETABEC will guide you, and will provide you with the most suitable, economical but also environmental friendly solution.

How are boilers used in Automotive Industry?

The use of steam in the Automotive industry can be broken down into numerous processes such as:

  • Fabrication process:
    Steam for sterilization, vulcanization, tyre mould heating, curing, and cleaning.
  • Paint process:
  • Steam or hot water for painting and drying processes.
  • Steam or hot water for heating and cooling offices and the manufacturing areas.

Applicable Products

Fire-tube Boilers

Electro Boilers