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The process of industrialization started with the development and the invention of the steam engine and the steam boiler. After more than 150 years, steam is still the life line in most of the process industries. We need head, we need energy to process the products. the basic principles did not change. We have modernized the process, we have increased the efficiencies, we have decreased the environmental impact, but still the basics are the same we change the water to steam, we increase the pressure to inject more energy in steam.

For many years the slogan was, bigger, higher pressure and higher output. With the general environmental awareness, the desire to reduce the carbon footprint, this has changed. Fossil fuels will be replaced by CO2 neutral fuels. Renewable energy will replace the conventional way of energy generation. This is especially visible in the power sector, where solar, wind, geothermal electricity is contributing slowly the majority of electricity generation. In the Process industry the trend goes to biomass and bio-gas firing systems. Also the heat recovery of  process waste heat, the extreme increase of efficiency, the substitution of conventional (fossil) fuels with new fuels, such as synthetic fuels, or Hydrogen will follow. GETABEC 's engineering team, will evaluate and design together with our clients the best process using modern technologies. We understand that our product have an impact on the environment. Together we can change the world step by step.