From the Idea to Reality

Environmental friendliness is the governing concept in GETABEC using technologies which have been proven records in the world.
We are using the services of technology provider from the world over to provide the state of art technology to our clients

Technologies and process are changing on a nearly daily basis. The laws the customer requirements are driving the requirements to provide environmental, safe but also economical feasible products to our more and more technology driven world. Customers sometimes feeling overwhelmed with the quantity and variation of products. How to select the best boiler? What is the environmental impact? What is the automation degree in the operation?
Questions which will be answered by the GETABEC Team. We offer the complete solution from planning to the selection of the boiler and other related equipment, from manufacturing and expediting, delivery and installation to commissioning and training. As the latest add on service we offer the operation of the boiler plant and/or the supply of steam to our client. GETABEC offer the all-around carefree solution.

Complete Solutions Project Management
Responsible for deadlines, meetings, delivery scope and project budget. Focus lies on the communication and coordination of activities inside the company, also on the communication with customers and suppliers.
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Complete Solutions Engineering

- Engineering Activities

- Service Activities

- Execution Activities

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Complete Solutions Manufacturing Program

- Boiler

- Accessories & Auxiliaries

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