The Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

The pharmaceutical & chemical industry demands wide variations of steam generation. The process can be both continuous and batch. The batch operation, in particular.can involve significant variations in heat load, from initial large surge demand to the end of the batch. This behavior requires an adequate amount of steam accumulated in the steam drum; therefore, we must consider every factor to design an efficient system. Another critical factor to consider is the quality of steam which combines precise control and accurate monitoring to prevent contamination in processes due to the intention of food-grade production. The use of a clean steam generator may be required to meet the highest requirements in codes and regulations.

How are boilers used in Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry?

Steam for cracking, distillation, stripping, polymerization, heating up reactors.
Steam for producing chemical synthesis products such as oleochemical (food, cosmetic), polymers (rubber, paint, glue, etc.)

Steam for cleaning and sterilization of glass containers.
Steam for humidifying air conditioning systems.
Steam for polymerization, condensation, drying, melting, molding.
Steam for production of chemical synthesis products such as pharmaceutical products (medication).
Steam for high-temperature sterilization of raw materials and equipment.
Steam for humidifying air conditioning systems.
Steam for ward heating and disinfection

Applicable Product

Special Boiler

Fire tube Boiler

Water tube boiler