Refurbishment and refit of boilers and equipment

Steam and hot-water Boilers are very often act as the heart of the operation. Like the humans, equipment need a system to check for the physical health of the equipment. Regular check ups, professional assistance, careful operation, strictly following the instructions using of original parts are the best conditions for a worry-free operation.
We have Doctors and hospitals to take care
Boilers have GETABEC Clinique with its experts to help.

Everything has its lifetime
The calculated lifetime of a Boiler is

  • For water-tube boilers 30 years
  • For fire-tube boiler 25 years
  • For a burner 20 years

Lifetime is exhausted buy a new equipment?
The GETABEC Diagnostic System will evaluate the boilers condition including the auxiliaries.

The GETABEC Diagnostic System

Step 1
Review and evaluate all information available such design, operating history, abnormal operation (failures, unplanned shutdowns), inspection and tests results, repairs etc. 
Pre-diagnostic inspection by GETABEC.
Based on the information the diagnostic check-list will be drafted to define the areas of check up and the methods to be used.
Each boilers condition are different as boiler are used for different purpose and under different conditions.
The diagnostic system used includes state of art inspection methods.
The diagnostic results will be evaluated by a group of expert including GETABEC’s design center, Service engineers, production engineers, quality control and assurance engineers .

Step 2
A detailed recovery plan will be drawn based on the further use of the boiler, with the definition of the boiler operation parameters
Preparation of budget price to refurbish the boiler and the auxiliaries
With the agreement of the client a time schedule will be design to minimize the shut down time of the boiler 
Step 3
For most of the boilers an in situ refurbishment can be done  by re-tubing, re-cabling, changing or refurbish burner, upgrading the interlocking system
For boiler where an in situ operation is not possible we will send the boiler to the factory (THE BOILER CLINIQUE)

The GETABEC Performance Improvement Package 

The technology is changing with a high rate. New improved operational conditions are available. 
Todays energy cost ask for better performance and higher efficiency. To name few important items which can be changed or add on:

  • Economizer
  • Air preheater
  • Insulation

Other improvements with high savings

  • Water Quality 
  • Burner control system  (speed control)
  • Checking for deposit waterside and if required chemical cleaning
  • Safety check and life time exhaust estimation
  • Wall thickness check of fire-tubes if required by modern NDT test methods (EC or IRIS)
  • Check of all valves (tightness test, new packaging)

Who should participate?

Owner of Industrial boilers where more of the half of the life time is utilized
Owner which are changing operational parameters
Owners which are in process of an energy saving program

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