after sales services

For GETABEC Service is not a buzzword, it is our passion.
The investment in a boiler or any other equipment is a major decision. The lifetime of the equipment, the environmental and technical performance and of course the safety and reliability have been played the crucial role when taken a capital investment. Together with the client we work together to have a good asset management system. The permanent monitoring of the equipment, inspection and adjustment of the equipment, replacing defective and end of lifetime parts with quality spare part becomes essential to maintain the value of your asset.
GETABEC offers the complete carefree package. We are working closely together with our design department and with the manufacturing Units to use the results from services as the basic for a continual product improvement.

Plant Services Packages
Regular inspection and preventive maintenance is the route to a uninterrupted performance and the key for economical, reliable and safe operation...
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Emergency Repair 24H

Nothing is perfect. Even the best planned, manufactured with the best state of art manufacturing technique, with a consequent maintenance system there is still a residual risk of failure...

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Smart Mobile App

The GETABEC App lets your smart phone vibrate if your boiler needs help

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Spare Parts & Chemicals
Spare parts become a more and more complex system have to be carefully planned.
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Refurbishment and refit of boilers and equipment
The lifetime of a steam boiler is not endless. Components are subject to normal wear and
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Production of steam is not always the core competence of our clients. Steam is normally belong to the facilities in the operation.

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