Smart Boiler Monitoring System


Why do we need “Smart Boiler Monitoring System”

The operation of boilers in the process industry is a supporting function in the company. Highly availability combined with low operational cost are the key factors. To allow uninterrupted operation a strict and comprehensive monitoring system is required. GETABEC together with our client have developed a modern cloud based boiler monitoring system.

  • Modern Boiler are operating nearly full automatic. 
  • Smaller Boilers (industrial Boiler) are most of the time are auxiliaries and do not get much attention
  • A close monitoring system does not exist
  • Information are not recorded 
  • Energy losses are not recorded
  • Information from operation are not integrated in the (preventive) maintenance system 

The solution

  • iGTB will: Show information about your boiler in real time: Anytime, anyplace.
  • iGTB will: Show your boiler’s Steam Cost.
  • iGTB will: Provide you with real time Thermal Efficiency Monitoring.
  • iGTB will: Calculate your boiler’s Thermal Input / Output, Heat Loss through Stack and Radiation Loss.
  • iGTB will: Calculate the Evaporation Ratio for your boiler. iGTB will: Inform you about the Time to Blowdown.
  • iGTB will: Assist you with Preventive Maintenance Planning.
  • iGTB will: Alert you about Corrective Action, helping you to reduce your time to find the root cause.

iGTB Smart Technology for your Boiler

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