The Oleochemical Industry

The Oleochemical Industry

The oleochemical Industry dealing with personal care items (soap, detergent, tooth paste, shampoo) require for the process high temperature steam with a high operating pressure. our daily life is hardly thinkable without the use of oleochemical products. Lately the biodiesel has been added to the list of olechemical products.  GETABEC’s has the solution with a high efficient boiler type.

The demand from the society to use more and more sustainable resources has pushed the oleochemical industry to new levels. Olechemical are produced from oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin. These sources are widely available and considered as renewable. Oleochemicals are worldwide available and can substitute a large number of industrial chemicals. Basic oleochemicals include fatty acids, methyl esters, fatty alcohols of these fatty acids and glycerol as well as fatty amines.

The  manufacturing process of Oleochemicals consumes typically large amounts of energy in form of hot water and/or steam. The various process in the oleochemical industry such as refining, distillation and splitting require a large amount of energy.

Schneider Kessel Berlin, a member of the GETABEC Group, has longtime experience in the oleochemical industry and their applications and processes. The Schneider Special Boilers are tailor made for the oleochemical industry. The compact size, the high efficiency and the unique design made this Boiler as a must have in the industry.

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