Petrochemical & Energy Sector

The energy consumption in the Chemical and petro- chemical industry is the highest of all industrial sectors. The efficiency of the steam generation process takes a major influence on environmental performance. Fuel changes, boiler upgrade and optimal operation are the key words

The Petrochemical Industry and the Power Plants

The petrochemical & power plant industry is a sector where steam is being used in refinery processes and electricity generation. Energy sources used to generate electrical energy in power plants are oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, renewable fuels, and kinetic energy such as wind turbines and hydro-power.

The global warming and the general environmental awareness have changed completely the market and also the general design data. Where until now the maxim was bigger and larger, it has changed to environmental acceptable and sustainable. Fossil fuels are not anymore the first choice. Combined cycles with gas turbines and gas engines and the attached waste recovery boiler will work as  a transition solution. Combination of wind, solar and bio-fuel energy generation will become the normal in the future. The Generation of Steam with Green Hydrogen will add up other and new sources of energy .

Large Power stations with a capacity of 2000T steam per hour will become an relic of the past. Decentralized system will take over with highly efficient, clean technology and the highest degree of sustainability will be the future. The reduction of waste in our design will focus  on no waste on heat, no waste on water, no waste of fuel no waste on chemicals. With new technologies we will be able to harvest the energy from the nature and from our process.

GETABEC has adopted the changes by changing the product portfolio, adding new technologies and new techniques to ensure that we together with our clients go the way together. Biomass boiler, waste heat recovery systems, condensate recovery system, condensation type of boiler in the product development but also in our service by providing energy efficiency update packages to existing boilers is the key issues.

Applicable products

Fiertube Boiler

Water-tube Boiler

Biomass Boiler

Waste heat recovery boiler

Solar steam generation system

Refurbishment and refit of boilers and equipment