Auxiliary Equipment and components

Auxiliary Equipment and components
Auxiliary Equipment and components

Boiler Room Equipment

Boilers need supporting equipment to operate economical, safe and efficient. GETABEC supplies the complete range ofm auxiliary equipment. 

Feed water systems

The quality of the feedwater plays the major role in the operation of the boiler. The feedwater will be mechanically treated to remove the oxygen contents. Feedwater tanks with a deaerator will be integrated in the operation of the boiler.

  • Feedwater tanks
  • Deaerator

During the operation still some deposit will be separated during the evaporation process. This deposits have to be removed from the water steam circle using blowdown systems

  • Blowdown Systems

Fresh water and the recycled condensate has to be treated with chemical to meet the required water quality.

  • Chemical Treatment of Feedwater

Improvement of the efficiency

In todays economy the environmental issue play a major rule. It is our desire to improve the efficiency of our boilers to the maximum to reduce the fuel consumption and therefore the carbon foot print of the operation.

  • Economizer
  • Air-preheater
  • Condensate return systems
  • Steam accumulator

GETABEC offers the complete installation services and the required components, such as steam distributor, Steam traps, steam coolers etc. Talk to our engineers.