Production of steam is not always the core competence of our clients. Steam is normally belong to the facilities in the operation. GETABEC offers various operational system for the supply of steam.
From completely outsourced maintenance system to a complete carefree steam supply solution

More and more companies are try to focus on their key competence. Many services have been outsourced to specialized company, this is also applicable to the steam supply. GETABEC is offering now various programs to our company:

  • Operation and maintenance of customer’s boilers and supply steam
  • Install a GETABEC Boiler and operate and maintain the boiler on a leasing concept.
  • Renting a temporary boiler to supply steam on a temporary basis

The worries about operation and maintaining a boiler is gone. Our operators are trained and certified.

Other services
Plant Services Packages
Regular inspection and preventive maintenance is the route to a uninterrupted performance and the key for economical, reliable and safe operation...
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Emergency Repair 24H

Nothing is perfect. Even the best planned, manufactured with the best state of art manufacturing technique, with a consequent maintenance system there is still a residual risk of failure...

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Smart Mobile App

The GETABEC App lets your smart phone vibrate if your boiler needs help

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Spare Parts & Chemicals
Spare parts become a more and more complex system have to be carefully planned.
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Refurbishment and refit of boilers and equipment
The lifetime of a steam boiler is not endless. Components are subject to normal wear and
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