Hospitality Industry

Hotel & Hospital Industry overview

The hotel & hospital industry is a significant sector involving the hospitality industry and health care industry together. The hotel business has a professional obligation to ensure that their guests always have access to hot water on demand. Also, we must consider boiler tolerance with its nature 24-7 consumption and swings during peak time. On the other hand, Hospital processes may also use hot water in various critical surgeries and operations.

How are boilers used in Hotel & Hospital Industry?

Hotel & Resort:

Steam for heating and cooling hotel rooms, offices, wellness facilities, spas, and swimming pools,

Steam for cleaning and sanitation of guest rooms, towels, uniforms, and other laundry.

Steam for food preparation, industrial kitchens and service.


Steam for sterilization processes.

Hot water for hospital services.

Steam for heating water to wash all of the hospital's laundry, operate the kitchen, among other vital hospital tasks.